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Buy Kiko Loureiro's 5th solo album Open Source signed, get this beautiful and exclusive  poster as a gift - also signed! (Limited offer.)

Kiko Loureiro released the Open Source album in June 2020. By definition, "open source" is related to softwares which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

It brings us a higher sense of community and enhances our creativity and possibilities.

The idea is to take this concept to our art, our music.

The album has been acclaimed by the fans, by guitar heroes such as Joe Satriani - see testimonial at the shop's home, - and got the album of the year 2020 nomination by the respected guitar magazine Guitar World.

"In a guitar-playing sense, this is like Beyoncé stepping out from Destiny’s Child to really cut loose and show the world what she can do. It’s not like Megadeth has Kiko Loureiro playing three chords and eight bars of pentatonic box work per song – but this is next-level, stop-the-bus guitar playing..." Guitar World Magazine, 2020

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