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The KL Guitar Experience online is an immersive event where you participate actively, with the guitar in hand! During 7 hours on January 30th, I will open the black box and share what you need to know about scales, composition, how to practice effectively, ways to understand and apply harmony to create strong and catchy melodies, in addition to learning how I develop and practice my phrases and techniques.

All of this will be worked on using the songs from “Open Source”, my latest solo album, and you will be able to discuss and practice with me and learn from the other participants as well.


Guitar World says Open Source is the best guitar album of 2020

In a guitar-playing sense, this is like Beyoncé stepping out from Destiny’s Child to really cut loose and show the world what she can do. It’s not like Megadeth has Kiko Loureiro playing three chords and eight bars of pentatonic box work per song – but this is next-level, stop-the-bus guitar playing. 

There’s such flamboyance to Loureiro’s writing. He probably takes a sparkler and umbrella in his morning orange juice. Even those who have become jaded and suspicious of the rock-guitar instrumental will take notice. 

It really is uncanny how, after all these years, Dave Mustaine retains his ability to attract the guitar world’s brightest talents to one of its most challenging gigs. Has he ever had better than Loureiro? Is there anyone who can play contemporary metal better? Maybe, who can say. But they’re not in Megadeth. They’re not making music like this. And they’re not inviting Mary Friedman onto the jam, splitting the atom and blowing minds. 

Jonathan Horsley by Guitar World Magazine
Open Source CD cover


By definition, "open source" is related to softwares which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

It brings us a higher sense of community and enhances our creativity and possibilities. So why not take this concept to our art, our music?

This is the mindset which I bring now to my 5th solo album, that was named... Open Source! Released on July 10th, 2020. Get Your signed album!